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Hungry Shark Evolution: Top 9 Tips & Cheats part2

(Editor:Steven 12/31/2014)
9game provides:here are the tips of Hungry Shark Evolution.We hope you have fun wtih this game!

6. Where the Heck are Those Angler and Gulper Fish?

• Got your map? You’re looking to eat up 10 Angler and Gulper fish for those two separate missions, right? Well, you’ll have to find those Angler Fish down in some of the lower locations. For instance, you’ll find a good amount of Angler Fish in a undersea cavern that’s full of spiky corners.

• Refer to your basic map again and point to the cave that’s farthest on the right. You’ll notice it since it’s right near the bottom of the map near the Dartboard. This location will provide you with the Gulper Fish you need to eat.

7. The Best Way to Deal With Submarines

• Submarines are pretty powerful enemies that can shoot your shark down if you aren’t too careful. The only way to take these sea behemoths down is simply by boosting into its front side. Move fast and ram ‘em.

• Taking submarines down without getting damaged a ton means you’ll just have to get the jump on ‘em.

8. The Megalodon Shark is the Only Shark Who Can Eat Certain Fish and Objects

• If you’t have the Megalodon Shark in your possession yet, then you shouldn’t make it habit to try and consume jellyfish, boats, mines or any other massive obstacles. The Megalodon Shark is the only shark capable of eating things such as these.

• If you’re all like “FORGET THAT, I CAN STILL TAKE THESE OBSTACLES ON EVEN WITHOUT THE MEGALODON!,” then you’ll need to purchase certain types of gear that will protect your lower level sharks. Purchase the Antidote if you’re looking to take on Jellyfish and the Flak Jacket if you’re looking to protect yourself from mine explosions.

• As for how to deal with boats without access to the Megalodon Shark, you’re going to have to boost up on the ship and eat everyone on it.

9. These are the Growth Point Totals Needed to Reach New Levels for Your Shark

• As you go through the game chomping on everything that comes your way, you’ll amass more and more growth points. These growth points play a direct role in leveling up your shark and changing them into fiercer shark types.

• You’ll need 1000 growth points to level up to the Reef Shark, 2000 growth points for the Mako Shark (costs 1500 coins), 3,950 growth points for the Hammerhead Shark (costs 6000 coins), 7,350 growth points for the Tiger Shark (costs 15,000), 14,500 growth points for the Great White Shark (costs 35,000 coins) and 42,550 growth points for the almighty Megalodon Shark (50,000 coins).

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