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Hungry Shark Evolution Cheats And Tips

(Editor:John 12/23/2014)

9game provides:Everything's on the menu in Hungry Shark Evolution, the blood-filled iOS and Android title that casts players as one of several sharks with insatiable appetites. If you enjoy snacking on barracuda, hapless humans and other tasty morsels, these cheats and tips will help maximize your score.


-If you want to switch controls, head to the Options menu, where you can change from tilt to touch mechanics. You can also adjust tilt sensitivity.

-From the game, view the official Hungry Shark plush toy and receive free Coins.

-You can watch trailers to receive free Coins and Gems.

-Tired of getting stung by Jelly Fish? Purchase an Antidote for 100 Coins.

-The Flak Jacket protects the shark from mine explosions, but it costs 100 Coins.

-You'll need to level up to unlock new sharks and maps.

-Beware prickly fish, and avoid a swordfish's spear.

-Consume gold-colored fish and people to earn more coins.

-You don't need to track down coins. They automatically get added to your current total.

-Once you find a seashell, tap it on top left corner of the screen to view the current missions.

-Locate treasure chests to claim daily rewards.

-Avoid attacking dangerous fish head on. Instead, hit these creatures from behind or the belly for a surprise attack.

Tips from Future Games of London

-Your shark's energy slowly depletes. It must eat to stay alive.

-Touch the screen to boost. This temporarily speeds up the shark and increases its attack power.

-The more your shark eats, the bigger it will become. Growing your shark to the Max will unlock the next shark.

-Gain Point multipliers by eating many creatures in quick succession.

-There are 15 sunken items hidden around the world. Collect them to earn points.

-Some edibles around the map contain Coins or Gems. Eat these and spend the money on upgrading your shark.

-Upgrade your shark to help it grow and progress.

-Use Potions to keep your shark alive as long as possible.

-Find Shells to unlock missions. Complete the missions for big rewards.

-A Gold Rush is rewarded each time you reach a points milestone. As well as coins, it triggers an extra points multiplier.

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